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 Values and motivation of our association

Dear visitor, this association was founded in 2014, 17 years after the birth of my son Madalin diagnosed in the first year of life with severe psychomotor retardation and spastic tetra. I confess with sadness that this situation marked both my child’s life and the whole family.

Before the diagnosis of my second son, I was a mother accomplished. Dan, my first child reached 4 years and I wanted a brother or sister for him. Nobody thought that the coming Madalin the world will change during the life of the entire family. Thus, once I got the diagnosis, I was forced to devote most of the time Madalin care. I felt like he needs more from me. I realized then that he could not survive alone. Allow me on this occasion to thank my son Dan for understanding,and my family, because offered me support and unconditional love. My family gave me the safety and strength to go on.

After 19 years of effort mentally and physically filed seeking medical solutions healing resigned and are convinced that they can not do anything about it. Reflecting the existence of Madalin who is forced to live a lifetime in a wheelchair, and I in my turn to be his companion, I proposed the existence of Madalin have a better sense than now. Madalin My son helped me to discover what is the meaning of my life. Madalin dealing me I realized that life is a precious gift and wonderful that we have received all.

I decided to devote myself to this humanitarian cause for my existence and Madalin make a contribution to the society in which we live. I want to help those in the same situation as me. I felt that now is the time to contribute through my actions to solve basic problems of families with dependent children or adults with disabilities. I asked myself : what can I do to help ? how can I make things better ? Can do more by acting as a responsible member of a community of people with similar problems. Did you know …

  • Between 110 million and 190 million adults worldwide have significant physical and mental difficulties ?
  • Over a billion people, around 15% of the world population, have some form of disability ?
  • Disability rates are rising with an aging population and rising number of chronic conditions ?
  • Source: Disabled-World.Cotm

The above statistics help us to quantify and understand how important a less visible category of our society, namely the Disabled CommunityAlso moral force us to get involved in a more or less so that the generation of today and tomorrow to be able to support this community.

Words of the famous Brendon Burchard are: At the end of our lives, we all ask, “Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?”  I had a sense? I left something behind me ?

Project motivation of our association is based on these fundamental questions that each of us subconsciously we are addressing them. The intention of the association is that by his actions and by mobilizing a large number of competent people to help maintain the lives of people with disabilities. In our campaign we propose a system of integrated life where people with disabilities live in a society without barriers. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 September 1948: „All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”

„Dignity show value, honesty, moral merits, the degree of appreciation as rank achieved by a person in society. In Christian teaching, human dignity, is a divine gift that whatever the circumstances in which the individual lives, Consider the image of God. In society, as the term is longer sees dignity autonomy and freedom of thought and behavior of an individual. ” Source: Wikipedia

Liliana Anghelescu

     Founding Chairman