In our project we propose an integrated living system where people with disabilities live in a society without barriers. With us are already ARHIS MODUL architecture company. With competency and expertise they support us in designing our project and also in monitoring and supervision during the entire construction period.  The architectural company ARHIS MODUL  is represented by Ms Cornelia Elena Purcarea coordinator architect and the engineer Dragos Marin Purcarea as project manager. The ARHIS Modul team has expertise in designing, project management, real estate development as well as in administration. This team knows that planning is key to successful real estate and project development.

Our association invite all the interested Investment Funds to offer a Corporate Sponsorship for this residential project.

Our association will build a residential complex with 50 houses and public utility buildings:

  • School grades 1-10;
  • Kindergarten;
  • Medical clinic for consultations and treatment;
  • Clinic physiotherapy and medical recovery;
  • Special rooms psychosocial recovery, equipped with special equipment.
  • A pharmacy;
  • Conference room for 300 people;
  • The Orthodox Church;
  • Library;
  • Creative workshops and manufacturing;
  • A section of tailoring which will provide jobs for at least 40 people;
  • Office space for the staff association;
  • Dining room with its own kitchen to serve at least 100 people;
  • A supermarket;
  • Storage of food and nonfood goods;
  • Park interesting playground for children with disabilities;
  • Parking space;

The main benefits in a residential complex designed for people with disabilities will be:

  • Immediate access to education through kindergarten and school grades 1-10;
  • Immediate access to free healthcare and the medical center;
  • Free and immediate access to physical recovery through rehab;
  • Access to a job and retraining by tailoring department, manufacturing workshops;
  • Religion by having immediate access to the Orthodox Church;
  • Access to other recreational activities through the conference hall and park arranged especially for people with disabilities;


Fiscal Identification Code : 33893688
Bank account RO74BRDE445SV09507584450
BRD – Agency Bucurestii Noi, Sector 1, Bucharest;
Headquarters:. Fortuna Nr. 59, Sector 1, Bucharest;

The office for Public Relations and Corporate Sponsorships will be available Mrs. economist Adriana Gogoasa, Economic Director of the Association Madalin Anghelescu;
Street. Lotru Nr. 36, Sector 1, Bucharest;
Office program: Monday – Friday 09.00-16.00