A housing complex to be equipped with a school designed for children with disabilities, a clinic for treatment and recovery center would be the solution both for this generation and for future generations. Recovering a child is long, or can be a maintenance of the current state.

From this perspective, and taking into account the differences between diagnoses, experts of recovery and treatment center will work individually with each person, the areas of physical rehabilitation, psycho pedagogical, cognitive, sensory, speech therapy and gymnastics recovery mobility impairments.

Parents or maintainers will benefit from parental counseling and group, which aim to raise awareness about her child’s needs so that it can help to integrate the family and society. Both parents and children in my situation would not have suffered so many hardships. Children and would improve daily life and can be easily integrated into society and parents and could continue his professional career.

The mission of our association is to help integrate people with disabilities into society. We want these people to live a normal life. In order to be active in a professional, a person with disabilities must be able to move from home or to school, work and other destinations, safely, independently and without being hindered by obstacles.

In physical terms, to live independently, a disabled person needs a barrier-free environment in four areas:

  1. Inside a building.
  2. In the vicinity of this building.
  3. On the roads and access ways between buildings.
  4. In the entertainment areas.

The major benefit of living in a residential: immediate access to school, hospital or rehabilitation center or park without the use of a means of transport.

These buildings will be built near the houses (in the complex).

When the residential complex will nursery, kindergarten, school grades 1-10, clinical treatment so children can do all the activities in one place. Community parents will be able to practice, to continue his career, to occupy their time so that all family members to live a normal lifestyle.

Inside the residential complex will be built 50 houses and public utility buildings following:

  • School grades 1-10;
  • Kindergarten;
  • Medical Clinic for advice and treatment;
  • Clinic physiotherapy and medical recovery;
  • A conference room for 300 people where you will arrange meetings between medical specialists and people with disabilities and their families;
  • Parents will receive parental counseling and group these courses with the purpose to realize them on the child’s needs so that it can help to integrate the family and society.
  • Special Meeting of psychosocial recovery, equipped with special equipment;
  • The Orthodox Church;
  • Library;
  • Creative Workshops and manufacturing;
  • A section of tailoring;
  • Offices for the staff association;
  • Dining room with its own kitchen to serve at least 100 people;
  • A supermarket;
  • Storage of food and nonfood goods;
  • park interesting playground for children with disabilities;
  • Parking arranged;

Together we can make things happen !

Liliana Anghelescu

Founding Chairman & General manager